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We look forward to seeing you again next year!

You will be able to watch the JCON2022 sessions on YouTube. We will upload the sessions as they are edited and cut. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and YouTube, so you get notified when we publish a new video.


Save the date! June 20 - 23, 2023

We will be back in-person and on the big cinema screens in June 2023.

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Keynote | Thinking About Persistence for Serverless Java

Serverless Java applications are stateless and store their data in a range of cloud persistence stores, from relational databases, like Aurora, over file-based block storage like S3 to persistent event stores like Kinesis.
In this keynote, I will focus on the characteristics and challenges of serverless Lambda and Fargate Java application's data access layer and discuss the impact on authentication, authorization, connection handling or scalability, data mapping, portability, and costs.
Your questions are highly welcome!

Adam Bien


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Keynote | Kubernetes Native Java

Spring is all about helping developers get to production quickly and safely. These days, "production" is all but guaranteed to mean Kubernetes, and Spring has you covered. Join me, Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long (@starbuxman), and we'll look at how Spring Boot makes writing blisteringly fast, cloud-native, and scalable services more effortless than ever.

Josh Long

Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal

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Keynote | Warp 36 Java In Memory Data Processing Cluster

With just-in-time compilation, the JVM creates Java byte code to highly optimized machine code. Operations on data in memory are executed in microseconds with Java. Only 1 Java machine can achieve performance comparable to an entire traditional database cluster. This approach enables the development of high-performance applications with pure Java that provide low-latency real-time responsiveness, handle gigantic loads, and radically save infrastructure costs.

Markus Kett

CEO at MicroStream

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Keynote | Developer Productivity Engineering – The Next Big Thing in Software Development

It's 2022, and as IDC predicted in October of 2020, 65% of the global GDP has been digitally transformed. Two-thirds of the products and services that you pay for are driven by software, and the quality, cost and time to market of your software products determine the fate of your business. There has never been a more important time to foster developer productivity, but many of our methods have not evolved. In this keynote style talk you will learn why DPE is the most important development in the software engineering world since the introduction of Agile and DevOps concepts and tools. DPE is a new software development practice that uses acceleration technologies to speed up the software build and test process and data analytics to improve developer efficiencies by as much as 10x. The ultimate aim is to achieve faster feedback cycles, more reliable and actionable data, and a highly satisfying developer experience. Justin Reock, Field CTO and Chief Evangelist at Gradle is pioneering DPE as a practice and set of technologies and is one of the world’s leading advocates. Specifically, Justin will provide an overview of the key concepts and tools, business impact on key business objectives like time-to-market, cost and quality, the business case for DPE, and the role of AI/ML in DPE moving forward.

Justin Reock

Chief Evangelist and Field CTO of Gradle Enterprise


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About JCON-ONLINE 2022

JCON-ONLINE 2022 is the big international Java community conference organized by the Java User Group Oberpfalz in cooperation with JAVAPRO Magazine. Java is our profession and JCON is our passion and a lot of fun. We love to provide Java developers with a spectacular 100% live conference that is open to the entire Java- User-Group communities world-wide.

Last year, more than 2,500 participants from 77 countries and six continents had joined the JCON-ONLINE 2021.

The 6th JCON edition is presented as an online live conference for the thrid time. All sessions will be streamed live and recorded.

Focus on Core Java & Cloud-Native Java

JCON traditionally focuses on Core Java, Serverside Java, APIs and Frameworks because that's what we as Java developers work with every day. However, the main topic will be Java-Cloud-Native and Microservices because this is the future of Java and a must-have for Java developers.

parallel streams
main topics
live sessions


Core Java

Serverside Java

Cloud-Native Java & Microservices


Cloud Platforms & Container


Frameworks & APIs

JVM Languages




Agile & Culture




IDE & Tools

Database Development


JCON Content Board

Markus Kett

MicroStream, CEO & JAVAPRO Magazin, Chefredakteur

Richard Fichtner

Founder JUG Oberpfalz, CEO of XDEV Software

Sandra Ahlgrimm

Cloud Advocate at Microsoft

Sven Ruppert

Developer Advocate at JFrog

Matthias Gutheil

branch manager & software architect at Itemis

Sascha Hesse

Enterprise Architect Cloud Solutions at ALDI Nord SE & Co. oHG

Werner Keil

Director, Creative Arts & Technologies

Susanne Braun

Expert Software Architecture Data-Intensive Systems at Fraunhofer IESE

Our Partners 2022

Since the start of JCON, it has been the continuous support from companies and organizations partnering with us to help create events that bring the Java community together. We thank each and every one of our partners for their fantastic support! Please take a few minutes to learn about our partners and let them know you appreciate their support of our community! 


Store and load any Java Object Graph or Subgraphs partially, Relieved of Heavy-weight JPA. Microsecond Response Time. Ultra-High Throughput. Minimum of Latencies. Create Ultra-Fast In-Memory Database Applications & Microservices.

Gradle, Inc. is the software company behind Gradle Enterprise (gradle.com) and Gradle Build Tool (gradle.org). Gradle Enterprise is the leading performance acceleration and failure analytics platform for JVM-based software builds and tests.


XDEV Software GmbH, based in Weiden/Bavaria, is a German software development company specializing in Java. Among other things, XDEV is the maintainer of various open-source developer tools.

RapidClipse X is a visual Java development environment for the fast and efficient development of individual business applications. Save up to 90% development time.


QAware is an independent software manufacturer and consultancy. We bring people together through the love of coding. With architecture, methodology, and platform expertise; with an eye for sensible solutions; and with a craving to take on responsibility for mission-critical and complex problems.


Since 1923 Conrad Electronic stands for technology and electronics. Nowadays the Conrad Sourcing Platform offers an extensive product range as well as customized services for B2B and B2C customers.



Java User Group Oberpfalz is an open community to exchange ideas on current topics relating to the application of Java technology in Bavaria / Germany.

We offer contacts and exchanges within the regional Java community and regular talks and discussions on current Java topics.

JAVAPRO is the very first professional magazine for Java which is free of charge.


Manning is a publisher of computer books, videos, and projects for software developers, engineers, architects, system administrators, managers and all who are professionally involved with the computer business.

The Transparent German Tech Job Board - find your next job opportunity based on expected salary, technologies and location.

Featured Speakers 2022

Josh Long

Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal

Justin Reock

Field CTO/Chief Evangelist at Gradle

Adam Bien


Markus Kett

MicroStream, CEO & JAVAPRO Magazin, Chefredakteur

Emily Jiang

MicroProfile Guru,
STSM, Liberty Microservice Architect and Advocate

Reza Rahman

Principal Program Manager, Java on Azure at Microsoft

Eberhard Wolff


Hendrik Ebbers

Co-Founder & Senior Software Engineer
Karakun AG

Grace Jansen

IBM, Developer Advocate

Todd Sharp

Developer Advocate - Cloud And Autonomous DB

Mohamed Taman

Chief Solutions Architect @Effortel, JCP member, Speaker & Author

Mary Grygleski

Senior Developer Advocate at IBM and President of Chicago-JUG

Rory Preddy

Principal Cloud advocate

Diana Cheng

AWS Solutions Architect

Mark Heckler

Principal Cloud Advocate, Java/JVM Languages

Dmitry Alexandrov

Senior Principle Developer

Martin Lippert

Spring Tools Lead & Sustainability Ambassador @ VMware

Wolfgang Weigend

Master Principal Solution Engineer | GraalVM | Java Technology and Architecture

Antonio Goncalves

Principal Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Steve Poole

Developer Advocate, Security Champion

Otavio Santana

Distinguished Software Engineer

Michael Redlich

Senior Research Technician and Java Queue Editor

Gaurav Sen

Founder of InterviewReady

Roberto Cortez

Principal Software Engineer @ Redhat

Mark Stoodley

Chief Architect for IBM Java

Patrycja Wegrzynowicz

Form3 | Yon Labs

Brian Benz

Brian is a Java Champion and a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, helping developers get the most out of Java on Azure.

Florian Habermann

CTO & Co-Founder, MicroStream

Mete Atamel

Developer Advocate at Google

Thorben Janssen

Java persistence specialist

Kito Mann

Principal Consultant, Virtua, Inc.

Falk Sippach


Matti Tahvonen

Java and OSS enthusiast working at Vaadin.

Tomáš Langer

Oracle - Helidon Architect

Karina Varela

Principal Technical Product Marketing Manager - Red Hat

Karl Heinz Marbaise

SoftwareEnwicklung Beratung Schulung

Nicolai Parlog

Java Developer Advocate

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UCI Cinema Duesseldorf, Germany, 2019


We love Java. That's why we want to bring together Java developers from all over the world. To learn, to connect, to have fun. The feedback we receive proves us right and motivates us to keep going.


JCON is a team effort and a conference by developers for developers. The JUG Oberpfalz does the heavy lifting in organizing everything. But the heart of the conference are our speakers with their sessions.


We often work in completely different branches, but Java is our common denominator and connects us all. Over the years, not only acquaintances but friendships have formed on account of JCON!